After designing several padlocks, contacting numerous manufacturers and producing several prototypes, we finally succeeded in creating the first USB-padlock. The padlock comes with a 4 pin security system and two keys to release the shackle. Our USB-Padlocks have a cycle of 1250 unique key/padlock combinations, making it nearly impossible to find two the same.



The USB-Padlock is the first product that combines an actual padlock with an USB drive. Using the USB drive, and the data stored on it, is only possible when the padlock is opened with a key. Our USB-Padlock is thin enough to be used on every laptop out there, yet light enough to not damage your usb bus when it’s being used. Our USB-Padlock is protected by EU and U.S. Patent law.

Shipped worldwide


Our company is based in The Netherlands but our USB-Padlock is shipped worldwide. All orders outside The Netherlands will be charged at the actual cost to ship your USB-Padlock to your country. To find more information, please take a look at our Shipping & Returns page.

USB Padlock standing with open lock